XT-Series – Raidho


XT1 Speakers

Raidho Acoustics’ speaker, the X1T, is a elegant and compact size stand-mount mini monitor.

XT2 Speakers

Simply one of our best efforts, spend a few hours in the company of X2T and get seduced into a musical landscape of the greatest intensity.

XT3 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics X3T is a 2.5-way Raidho loudspeaker design.

XT5 Speakers

Making The Best Better – Or, Time For T

At the heart of all Raidho speakers lie our proprietary driver designs, the brilliant simplicity of our ribbon tweeter, the astonishing dynamic capabilities of our Ceramix units. The X-5 Series uses the latest developments of both, but the bass and mid drivers offer a step-change in performance over previous versions, with huge developmental effort expended on maximising both the power and power handling of their motors. The result is unprecedented dynamic capabilities from a dynamic driver, coupled to incredibly robust construction that will handle incredible levels of continuous, clean power. Deployed in the X5, our latest Ceramix drivers offer remarkable – and remarkably affordable – musical performance.