Benno Baun Meldgaard – Raidho

Benno Baun Meldgaard

Chief Designer

Benno has been working with audio designs practically his whole life. The last 6 years Benno has been in charge of the successful GamuT Audio designs which has received numerous awards on a world-wide scale, in the industry of luxury audio equipment. Prior to his engagement with GamuT Audio was very much involved in the retail-side of the audio business in Denmark as a technician and audio designer.

Benno will be a significant part of the Raidho/GamuT Soundpanel & Design Team.

It is not “only” Benno who has joined the team at Dantax Radio lately. It is also a welcome to GamuT Audio which Dantax Radio joined forces with in the beginning of 2018. Today GamuT Audio is yet another proud brand under the umbrella of Dantax Radio A/S.

It is with great pride we now can announce Benno as our new Chief Designer.