Legacy Products

C1.2 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics C1.2 is the smallest loudspeaker in the C-series. The C1.2 has been on the market for a number of years and has already become a Raidho classic with numerous awards and ‘Best Buys’.

C Centric Speaker

The Raidho Acoustics C centric is a compact 2.5-way monitor speaker.

C2.2 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics C2.2 is a 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker. It is built with the same unique qualities as the C1.2, but with a somewhat larger cabinet and an additional Raidho Ceramix Driver.

C3.2 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics C3.2 is a true 3-way speaker design. It is built with a dedicated Raidho Ceramix mid-range driver and three Raidho Ceramix woofers, which are paired up with the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter.

D1.1 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics D1.1 is a compact 2-way stand mount loudspeaker. It features the Raidho Diamond Driver and the Raidho Ribbon Tweeter.

D2.1 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics D2.1 is a floorstanding loudspeaker with two Raidho Diamond Drivers and one Raidho Ribbon Tweeter.

D3.1 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics D3.1 is a true 3-way Raidho Diamond Driver loudspeaker. It has a dedicated 100 mm Diamond mid-range and three 115 mm Diamond bass drivers.

D4.1 Speakers

The Raidho Acoustics D4.1 is created on the laurels of the highly acclaimed Raidho D-5. We have done our best to integrate the best qualities of the D-5, but in a smaller package.