D/D.1 upgrade package *

From D1 to D1.1 Euro 3.500
From D2 to D2.1 Euro 7.500
From D3 to D3.1 Euro 9.800
From D5 to D5.1 Euro 29.500

C.1/D.1 upgrade package *

From C1.1 to D1.1 Euro 5.500
From C2.1 to D2.1 Euro 10.800
From C3.1 to D3.1 Euro 17.500

C/D.1 upgrade package *

From C1 to D1.1 Euro 5.900
From C2 to D2.1 Euro 11.200
From C3 to D3.1 Euro 17.900
From C4 to D5.1 Euro 49.500

Package price

D5/D5.1 upgrade on location, the package price is including shipping cost for spareparts, flight ticket and accomodation for our engineer.

All the other models, need to be shipped to the factory for upgrading, shipping cost to be paid by the customer.

For more information, please contact you Raidho dealer.

C.1 /C.2 Upgrade package *

From C1.1 to C1.2 Euro 2.400
From C2.1 to C2.2 Euro 4.500
From C-.1 to C3.2 Euro 6.500

C / C.2 Upgrade package *

From C1 to C1.2 Euro 2.800
From C2 to C2.2 Euro 4.900
From C3 to C3.2 Euro 6.900